So Not White Medieval Europe Booklist
compiled by Tamora Pierce (October 1, 2009, rev. Oct. 1, 2010)

  • Allende, Isabel                         CITY OF THE BEASTS & sequels (Brazil)
  • Emma Bull                              TERRITORY (American West)
  • Orson Scott Card                    ENCHANTMENT (medieval Ukraine/Georgia)
  • Goldsberry, Steven                 MAUI, THE DEMIGOD (Hawaiian)
  • Hale, Bruce                             THE LEGEND OF THE LAUGHING GECKO & sequel;
                                                       beginning chapter books—(Hawaiian)
  • Hopkinson, Nalo                     MIDNIGHT ROBBER (sf) (Caribbean)                                                                                                 SKINFOLK
  • Kay, Guy Gavriel                    LIONS OF AL-RASSAN (Spain under Moors);
                                                     SAILING TO SARANTIUM & sequel (alternate Byzantium)
  • Kimbriel, Katherine Eliska       NIGHT CALLS & sequel (alternate frontier America)
  • Pierce, Meredith Ann              THE WOMAN WHO LOVED REINDEER (Finn)
  • Severance, Carol                    DEMON DRUMS & sequels (Hawaii)
  • Valente, Catherynne               THE ORPHAN’S TALES 1 & 2 (mix)
  • Wrede, Patricia                       THE 13TH CHILD (alternate frontier America)
  • Wrightson, Patricia                  THE ICE IS COMING & sequels (Australia)



  • Alexander, Alma                     SECRETS OF JIN-SHEI, THE (China)
  • Ball, Margaret                         CHANGEWEAVER (alternate Himalaya)
  • Bass, L. G.                              SIGN OF THE QIN
  • Bray, Libba                              A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY  & sequels  (India & England)
  • Cutter, Leah                            PAPER MAGE
  • Dalkey, Kara                           GOA & sequels
                                                    LITTLE SISTER
  • Goodman, Alison                    DRAGONEYE REBORN (sequel to come) (alt. China)
  • Hearn, Lafcaido                      JAPANESE FAIRY TALES AND OTHERS
  • Hearn, Lian                             ACROSS THE NIGHTINGALE FLOOR & sequels (alternate Japan)
  • Hughart, Barry                        BRIDGE OF BIRDS (alternate China)
  • Kay, Guy Gavriel                    UNDER HEAVEN (alternate China)
  • Lindskold, Jane                       THIRTEEN ORPHANS & sequels (Chinese mythology)
  • Mah, A. Y.                               CHINESE CINDERELLA
  • Michaelis, Antonia                   TIGER MOON (India)
  • Pon, Cindy                              SILVER PHOENIX
  • Pullman, Philip                        THE FIREWORK-MAKER’S DAUGHTER
  • San Souci, R.                          FA MULAN
  • Wells, Martha                          WHEEL OF THE INFINITE
                                                    CITY OF BONES (desert)
  • Wilkinson, Carole                    DRAGONKEEPER
  • Yep, Laurence                        DRAGON OF THE LOST SEA & 3 sequels
                                                    THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE & 2 sequels



  •  Bradley, Marion Z.                  FIREBRAND (Cassandra)
  • Cooney, Caroline                    GODDESS OF YESTERDAY
  • Cray, Roberta                         THE SWORD AND THE LION (alternate Troy)
  • Douglass, Sarah                     HADES DAUGHTER & sequels
  • Fisher, Catherine                    THE ORACLE BETRAYED & sequels
  • Friesner, Esther                      NOBODY’S PRINCESS & sequel
                                                    TEMPING FATE (Greek gods, present day)
  • Kindl, Patrice                           LOST IN THE LABYRINTH
  • Kritzer, Naomi                         FREEDOM’S GATE & 2 sequels (alternate Greece)
  • Napoli, Donna Jo                    SIRENA
                                                    THE GREAT GOD PAN
  • Spinner, Stephanie                 QUIVER
    Springer, Nancy                      DUSSSIE (modern Gorgons)
  • Turner, Megan W.                   THE THIEF & sequels (Greco-Roman-esque)
  • Vaughn, Carrie                        DISCORD’S APPLE


Middle Eastern

  •  Berg, Carol                             TRANSFORMATION & sequels (desert)
  • Barbara Cohen &
      Barhija Lovejoy                     SEVEN SONGS AND SEVEN DAUGHTERS
  • Fletcher, Susan                      ALPHABET OF DREAMS
                                                    SHADOW SPINNER
  • Garcia, Laura Gallego             THE LEGEND OF THE WANDERING KING
  • Hale, Shannon                         BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS
  • Hambly, Barbara                     WITCHES OF WENSHAR (alternate Middle East)
  • Lee, Tanith                               DEATH’S MASTER
                                                     NIGHT’S MASTER (others)
  • Lindskold, Jane                        THE BURIED PYRAMID
  • McCaughrean, Geraldine        NOT THE END OF THE WORLD
  • Napoli, Donna Jo                     BEAST
  • Schwartz, Susan                     CROSS AND CRESCENT
                                                     SHARDS OF EMPIRE
  • Tarr, Judith                              ALAMUT



  • Farmer, Nancy                       THE EYE, THE EAR, AND THE ARM
  • Friesner, Esther                      SPHINX’S PRINCESS
  • Tarr, Judith                              LORD OF TWO LANDS
                                                    DAUGHTER OF ISIS



  • Brennan, Noel Ann                 THE SWORD OF THE LAND & sequels
  • Briggs, Patricia                        SKINWALKER
  • Gaiman, Neil                           The Sandman Chronicles (graphic novels)
                                                    AMERICAN GODS (novel)
                                                    ANANSI BOYS
  • Lindskold, Jane                       CHANGER
                                                    LEGENDS WALKING

  • Murphy, C.                              URBAN SHAMAN

  • Nylund, Eric                            MORTAL COILS


Native American

  • Appelt, Kathi                            THE UNDERNEATH (proto-Native American)
  • Bruchac, Joseph                     HIDDEN ROOTS
                                                    THE SKELETON MAN
  • Lackey, Mercedes                  SACRED GROUND
  • Vick, Helen Hughes                WALKER OF TIME & sequel


I’m Not Exactly Sure. . . .

  •  Bear, Elizabeth                      BONE AND JEWEL CREATURES
  • Coville, Bruce                         INTO THE LAND OF UNICORNS & sequels
  • Marks, Laurie J.                      FIRE LOGIC & sequels
  • McKinley, Robin                     THE BLUE SWORD
  • Norton, André                         the Witch World books
  • Pierce, Meredith Ann              THE BIRTH OF THE FIREBRINGER & sequels
  • Pratchett, Terry                       NATION
  • Smith, Sherwood                    INDA & sequels 

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