The Complete Graphic Novel LEGENDS OF RED SONJA (including Tamora Pierce's Story "Double-Edged"), Published by Dynamite Entertainment, Is Out Now!

Updated 9/05/14 with updates to Tamora Pierce's 2014 Schedule

Also, 2012/2013 Recommended Adult Books List






AbeBooks' List of "The 75 Greatest Living Women's Writers" has Tamora Pierce at #29!
June 12, 2014's THE BRIAN LERNER SHOW on NPR had WASHINGTON POST's Alyssa Rosenberg speaking on the topic "Should Adult YA Readers Be Ashamed?", and defending YA novels and the adults who read them.
ALANNA: THE FIRST ADVENTURE Was one of the Questions on JEOPARDY! College Championship 2014, Under "Female Fantasy Characters"! (question at 7:37 on the YouTube Video)

Tamora Pierce and Bruce Coville were the sole guests on March 2, 2014's NEWSMAKERS, a Channel 9 (Syracuse, NY) public affairs program.

BATTLE MAGIC coverBATTLE MAGIC Is Out From Scholastic Press (US Hardcover and Australian Paperback)

RED SONJATamora Pierce is One of the Dozen Female Authors Who Contributed to Gail Simone's RED SONJA: LEGENDS Four-Part Graphic Novel Anthology For Dynamite Comics

Many of Tamora Pierce's books are now available in eBook format from Simon & Schuster and Random House at Amazon's Kindle Store or Barnes & Noble's eBookstore (NOTE: not all books may be available for all readers).

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